Science Of Man

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8 Shkurt, 2016


Science Of Man

I had traversed perhaps two hundred miles in a little less than an hour when I descried far below me A party of three green warriors racing madly toward a small figure on foot which seemed to be trying to reach the confines of one of the walled fields.

In Plain Sight

Dropping my machine rapidly toward them, and circling to the rear of the warriors, I soon saw that the object of their pursuit was a red Martian wearing the metal of the scout squadron to which I was attached. A short distance away lay his tiny flier, surrounded by the tools with which he had evidently been occupied in repairing some damage when surprised by the green warriors.

Discover yourself.
Discover yourself.

A Path To Discovery

They were now almost upon him; their flying mounts charging down on the relatively puny figure at terrific speed, while the warriors leaned low to the right, with their great metal-shod spears. Each seemed striving to be the first to impale the poor Zodangan and in another moment his fate would have been sealed had it not been for my timely arrival.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.
— Helen Keller

Driving my fleet air craft at high speed directly behind the warriors I soon overtook them and without diminishing my speed I rammed the prow of my little flier between the shoulders of the nearest. The impact sufficient to have torn through inches of solid steel, hurled the fellow’s headless body into the air over the head of his thoat, where it fell sprawling upon the moss. The mounts of the other two warriors turned squealing in terror, and bolted in opposite directions.


Reducing my speed I circled and came to the ground at the feet of the astonished Zodangan. He was warm in his thanks for my timely aid and promised that my day’s work would bring the reward it merited, for it was none other than a cousin of the jeddak of Zodanga whose life I had saved.

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